Drumeo Lessons Review

Have you thought about playing drums onstage in a live concert in front of thousands of fans? well the Drumeo Community will help put that dream into reality. Drumeo Lessons take you out of your high cost local class room and puts professional low...


Learn & Master Drums Review

I have always wanted a drum set. Just recently i got an OSP dd-502 mkII (electronic) for my birthday. Of course, I underestimated how hard it is to start drumming and Private lessons are not a choice for me and so I looked into teaching myself with...


Drumming System review

Drumming System 2.0 Only $127, for a limited time only Pros - 30+ hours of  DVD lessons) - Beginners-Advanced - Many playing styles addressed - Member Community of about 3000 - DVDs by mail or instant Download - Lifetime Support: Forum,...