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Rocket Piano Lessons is our #1 Recommended Online Piano Lessons course.

Components You Get with Rocket Piano Lessons

This system is the best we’ve seen when it comes to a completely down-loadable program and an excellent cost.  Rocket Piano Lessons comes with Multiple Training EBooks.

About the Creator

Ruth Searle is a highly creative piano teacher with over 30 years of  experience.  Though she views herself mainly a traditional piano teacher, she also has experience in Jazz instruments, drums and Gospel singing.  She has obtained several music awards and is a fantastic all around piano lessons teacher.

Rocket Piano is most effective for self starters when learning piano as a beginner, intermediate and advanced pianist.  This course allows you to learn piano at your own pace in the privacy of your home saving you gas, driving time and more time with your family.


We were most amazed with Rocket Piano’s 3 Ebooks that include audio, each study book is designed to help the student at a specific skill level, The beginner Book(165pages),  The Intermediate Book(65pages) and The Advanced Book(59Pages). These Ebooks comes with detailed step-by-step instructions that will greatly impress you and  improve your piano playing skills.


There is 26 Jam Tracks that gets you excited to play alone with.

Video Lessons

Rocket Piano lessons get even better as you play alone with the video demonstrations to help you learn various techniques, there is 57 video demo lessons.


The advanced tools and 4 software programs making this online piano course more amazing as it allows the pianist to set a tempo to the playing speeds of your lesson (speed control).

Rocket Online Piano is selling their down-loadable course for only $39.95. 

Rocket Piano provides a real physical program that can be sent by mail to you which includes real DVDs, CDs and top quality guides.  The cost for this program is $199.95.  This may be the more suitable option for you if you are looking for real physical materials or would rather use this system with your DVD/CD gamer instead of your computer.

To get the smallest prices, please check out Rocket Piano directly:  Rocket Piano Website

Rocket Piano provides a 60 Day, no stress money back guarantee.  If you are disappointed with the item in any way, e-mail the company and they will reimbursement your cash.  You will even get to keep the extra features of the system.

Bank Card purchases through Rocket Piano are safe and simple transactions.

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Our Piano Lessons Conclusion

Overall, we’ve concluded the Rocket Piano lessons course to be our #1 preferred online piano lesson program.  The system instructs with highly effective resources such as movie, songs, guides, and software.

The video clips are well created with simple to understand step-by-step guidelines.  This is a awesome function when you need to see someone do something to be able to understand it.  Plus you can stop and start as needed.

The sound perform along paths are well created and provides you the feeling on enjoying along with a stay group.  Any instructor will tell you that enjoying with a stay group, monitor or metronome will significantly improve your moment and natural experience.

The guides provided by Rocket Piano are comprehensive and cover a wide range of subjects.  They are super simple to understand with notated images, musical technology excerpts, and beneficial suggestions for exercising.

The programs are perhaps the biggest function that places Rocket Piano apart.  We especially like the ear exercising software.  These video games make it fun for you or your kids to understand guitar songs.  They are also simple to use and can be downloadable immediately.

The last advantage of Rocket Piano is that is comes with endless life-time up-dates.  Its writers are regularly including new content that you will have access to.

Bottom Line:  This is hands down the best piano lessons course available online. You get the most for your cash here and you’ll learn piano from expert created studying materials.  We give this course a star Ranking of 5 out of 5.