Piano Wizard Academy Review


Do you or your child love movies and playing video games? Do you spend and money every month playing online games? If your answers were yes, then you and your children could actually learn to play piano as a hobby like X-Box or any other video game console.

Piano Wizard Academy is very unique in their strategy to teach piano lessons. The Wizard proficiency is built on a movie chat game theory where the child will begin by enjoying music and complete by playing written sheet music on the piano. The piano wizard software focuses mainly on children, but many people have found this learning technique interesting and very effective for adults just as much as children. Piano Wizard Academy is one of the best piano learning courses available for it is comprehensive, interesting, and very simple for beginners.

The lessons principal product is composed of CDs and DVDs, Piano Wizard Academy has fantastic online learning capabilities. This online course has video tutorials, forums, piano games and a 27/7/365 support desk on their site. The Wizard Tunes features are one of their best online characteristics. Wizard Tunes allow you access to 1000’s of classical songs, pop songs, children’s songs and light jazz.

The Piano Wizard Academy software system has a 49-key MIDI controller including all the necessary plug-in. The Piano Wizard Academy online Package also includes a free book.